• The League name is the IBL: International Battle League
      • It is an AMATEUR "TEAM" Fight League for Mixed Martial Arts.

    • Each event must be sanctioned by either a State Athletic/Boxing Commission or a Nationally Recognized Amateur MMA Sanctioning Body of the Promoters choice that has been pre-approved by the IBL.
    • If your event is sanctioned by the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation your ISCF Event Representative will double as your IBL Event representative.
    • If your event is sanctioned by a State Athletic/Boxing Commission or a IBL approved Nationally Recognized Amateur MMA Sanctioning Body, the event Promoter will have to have an additional Official IBL Event Representative in attendance at his/her event.

    • Apparel, Equipment, Posters, Logo Clothing & Merchandise Items.
      • All Team merchandise must have the Official IBL Logo with their Team Logo on any merchandise.
      • Team Owners retain 100% of the fees from sales of such merchandise.
      • This provides an excellent way for each Team to raise expense money without needing to pay any IBL "Copyright or Trademark" fees.
      • Teams cannot sell merchandise with ONLY the IBL Logo. These rights remain property of the IBL.
      • Amateur Fighters cannot receive any portion of financial income.
      • The IBL will advertise through print ads and press releases on:
        • Internet Web Media Sites.
        • Print - Magazine Media.
        • Radio - TV Media.
    • The Team Owner is responsible for himself, or the appointment of his own Sponsorship Team to seek out and attain their own sponsorship income to assist in the financial obligations of their Team.

  4. COACH
    • The coach and the owner can be the same person, however, it would be less of a burden on the coach if they were separated.
    • The coach is responsible for fielding and training his/her team.
    • Their can be more than 1 Coach per Team. Whether they be called a "Co-Coach" or an "Assistant Coach" can be determined by the Team.

    • On Each Event, Teams will match up 5 fighters from the following weightclasses. The weightclasses for each event will be determined during pre-event matchmaking. There may be more than 1 bout per weightclass.
      • MEN OR WOMEN
        1. Featherweight, 135 lbs. to 145 lbs.
        2. Lightweight, 145 lbs. to 155 lbs.
        3. Welterweight, 155 lbs. to 170 lbs.
        4. Middleweight, 170 lbs. to 185 lbs.
        5. Light Heavyweight, 185 lbs. to 205 lbs.

    • All Fighters must be a Registered Fighter with the ISCF to be eligible to be on an IBL League Team.
    • All fighters are AMATEUR Fighters and cannot have fought as a professional in ANY Full Contact Fight Sport.
    • Each TEAM will vary in the number of their fighters. This is because their match-ups will be different for each IBL League event. Some Teams may also have Alternate Fighters to fill slots of other fighters if a certain fighter cannot fight.
      • Teams can register fighters for their Team from ANYWHERE in the USA.

    • AWP: Accumulated WIN Points
      • Total of WIN Points of each bout a fighter competed in.
        • Win = 1 Point
        • Lose = 0 Points.
      • In the case of a Forfeit - Ex: Opponent no shows - the opposing fighter will receive the HIGHEST allowed points.
    • HWP: How Won Points
      • In case of any TIES with the Accumulated WIN Points, these points shall be thrown out and the League will review the fighters HWP.
        • First Round Win (Knockout, TKO, Submission): 30 Points
        • Second Round Win (Knockout, TKO, Submission): 20 Points
        • 3rd Round Win (Knockout, TKO, Submission): 10 Points
        • Judges Decision Win: 5 Points.

    • Each COMPETITION will consist of 3 TEAMS.
    • These Teams will be 1 HOME TEAM with 2 visiting TEAMS and a Roster of 4 Challenge Fighters challenging for spots on an IBL Team.
    • All visiting Teams will pay their own travel fees to get to the event which will include;
      • Travel
      • Hotel.
      • Food.
    • TEAM Match-ups will be determined by a schedule announced by the IBL & The ISCF.
    • When the Teams compete, it would of course be one TEAM Vs another TEAM.
    • On each event, two IBL Teams will match up in a head to head IBL Regional BATTLE!.
      • During competition, each WIN by a fighter counts as a Win Point for his Team.
    • The third IBL Team attending the event will be matched-up against another "Challenge" Team or "Challenge Fighters" made up of fighters challenging for positions on an IBL Team. The win or loss for the IBL Challenge Team as well as the Challenge fighters will not count towards the Regional Standings or the Personal Standings looked at for the IBL Grand Prix. However, the fights will be real and will count on the fighters real MMA Record.
    • At the end of each competition, the TEAM with the most WIN points, wins the Event.
    • The BEST TWO Teams in each Conference will now be part of the Conference Championship Event.


    • This is not a League of Teams owned by the league (IBL) or the sanctioning body (ISCF) which is a conflict of interest.
    • This concept clearly separates the IBL/ISCF Leadership from the TEAMS just as in other successful Team Leagues such as the NFL or NBA.
    • The only difference here is that this is an AMATEUR League.

    • Sponsorship can be attained by the IBL/ISCF for the League as well as for the Teams.
    • Each Team has the right to attain a Team Sponsor.