• AWP: Accumulated WIN Points
      • Total of WIN Points of each bout a fighter competed in.
        • Win = 1 Point
        • Lose = 0 Points.
      • In the case of a Forfeit - Ex: Opponent no shows - the opposing fighter will receive the HIGHEST allowed points.
    • HWP: How Won Points
      • In case of any TIES with the Accumulated WIN Points, these points shall be thrown out and the League will review the fighters HWP.
        • First Round Win (Knockout, TKO, Submission): 30 Points
        • Second Round Win (Knockout, TKO, Submission): 20 Points
        • 3rd Round Win (Knockout, TKO, Submission): 10 Points
        • Judges Decision Win: 5 Points.
    • Location of each playoff event shall be determined in the same way as above, with the BEST earning Home Venue Rights.